Скоростной спуск мужчины

Олимпийский вид спорта горные лыжи любят дети и взрослые, поэтому участвуют в Зимней Олимпиаде в Сочи 2014 многие знаменитые участники

  • Скоростной спуск мужчины
  • Супер-комбинация, скоростной спуск, женщины
  • Супер-комбинация, слалом, женщины
  • Скоростной спуск, женщины
  • Супер-комбинация, скоростной спуск, мужчины

Высокие горы, море снега, солнце и быстрый спуск на горных лыжах – все что нужно для правильного экстремального отдыха! И конечно же не забыть все это заснять на видео. Получить результат

Скоростной спуск мужчины

Alpine Skiing

A little history

In 1936, alpine skiing competition was first included in the IV Olympic Winter Games in Garmisch-Partenkirchen . Then the program included only slalom and downhill . At the Olympic Games in 1952 in Oslo awards already played out in three different competitions – slalom , giant slalom and downhill . Since the XV Olympic Winter Games in Calgary in 1988, the program added another ski competitions and Super Giant Slalom .

Skiing in Russia

In the early 1900s in Russia among skiers began to stand out so-called “miners” who preferred coasting speed , and then carried away and figure skiing , ie descents with turns , which was later called the slalom . In subsequent years, skiing is actively developed , and in the 70s in the sections and children’s sports schools around 28,000 athletes.

Skiing as they are

In the program of the Olympic Games in alpine skiing competition included 10 species : five men and five women. They include downhill , slalom, giant slalom , super giant and super combination. For different types of competitions prepare different routes . In total there are 10 sets of medals .

In the downhill used the longest track of all kinds of competitions in alpine skiing and athletes develop the highest speed (up to 120 km / h) . Athletes go the distance one. The fastest skier wins the competition.

In slalom athletes need to pass a line , marked- flags and gates, which are located closer to each other than in the downhill , giant slalom and super-giant slalom. At competitions athletes must overcome two runs , the sum of the results and develops final time .

In the giant slalom gates on the track located further apart than the slalom , but not so far as in super-G . Number of gates for men – 56-70 for women – 46-58 . The result consists of the time passing two different tracks.

Super – giant is a type of competition that combines downhill and giant slalom . Athletes in super- develop the same high rate as in the downhill , and the trajectory of the track at the same time similar trajectory runs in slalom. Athletes go the route , the gateway to which are about the same distance as in the giant slalom . The passage route is given only one attempt .

Super- combination is a type of program that combines downhill and slalom . Downhill sometimes change on a super – giant.

sports equipment

  • Special plastic shoes . Locks keep legs skier skiing. For ski gloves made ​​of leather or synthetic materials .
  • Glasses protect your eyes from wind, snow , high altitude and on ultraviolet light reflection from the snow.
  • The helmet protects the athlete from injury and should fit snugly in the head.
  • Ski poles for downhill and super – giant curved to reduce air resistance during the descent .
  • Skis are made of various materials (wood , composite materials ) and are selected individually for each athlete . Skiing downhill at 30 % longer than those used in the slalom . This ensures additional stability at high speeds.
  • Form for athletes sew fabric , minimizing air resistance .